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What is Smartsheet?

Project Management Tools - Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a project management software. Everything your team needs to plan, capture, manage, automate, and report on work — and get up to speed, fast. Edit and easily share work in grid, card, Gantt, or calendar views. Capture data with forms and automate workflows and repetitive tasks. Create and share dashboards and reports in a snap. With integrations with your favorite chat tools, Smartsheet helps you focus on the work that matters most.

1. Team Collaboration Tools

Smartsheet is a dynamic work and collaboration project management tools. Teams can easily collaborate with file sharing, notes, and tasks, all within a central source of truth. This allows everyone on a team to keep up with the progress of a particular project. Multiple team members can share presentations, images, and PDFs to work on tasks remotely.

2. Powerful Analytics and Reporting

Publish and share these reports with teams, departments, stakeholders, or anyone else who would find them useful. You can even use Smartsheet’s activity log to see who is accessing reports and when they are doing it.

3. Data Security

As an enterprise-grade solution, Smartsheet uses top-of-the-line data protection standards. They offer features like two-factor authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and more to help stop potential security breaches. Smartsheet also supports HIPAA, GDPR, and FERPA compliance.

4. Robust Automation Tools

Set up simple automated workflows in just a few minutes. This is ideal for streamlining repetitive processes, such as requested approvals, sending alerts, and locking rows based on times or changes. Users can customize their own unique workflows by combining multiple actions with the visual editing tool for conditional paths.

5. Extended Functionality

In addition to project management, Smartsheet has solutions for resource management as well. This includes project portfolio management, project budgeting, time tracking, advanced reporting, and more. However, not all of this functionality is built-in to all plans. 10,000ft by Smartsheet is the solution for these features.

6. Integrations and Add-Ons

Smartsheet have capabilities to integration with tons of third-party apps and cloud tools for business use. You can also use Smartsheet’s growing list of premium add-ons for things like mapping data, reducing operational risk, dynamically refreshing data, and so much more.


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Top Features Business Enterprise
Sheets 100 per license Unlimited
Dashboards Unlimited Unlimited
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Automated Workflows
Gantt Chart, Card View, Calendar View
Forms Unlimited
Proofing Unlimited
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Free Collaborators Unlimited Unlimited
Top Features Business Enterprise
Custom Branding
Managed Groups
Security & Enterprise Controls
Single Sign-On
Directory Integration
Custom Email Domains
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