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Simplify The Digital Signature Process with Signiflow

Digitize your world by sending documents electronically to anyone, anywhere

Sunartha Element
Sunartha Element
Sunartha Element

What is Signiflow?

SigniFlow® is a digital signature workflow software. The platform fully digitises any process that requires a document to be legally signed or approved using advanced electronic signatures from the most basic requirements like getting employees to sign leave applications and their managers to approve it, to ultra-complex processes which require both internal and external parties to sign highly sensitive or legal documents.


Signiflow as Digital Signature Solution

Perform digital signature process with secure signing and approval.

 Make Documents and Files Easily Accessible

Make Documents and Files Easily Accessible

File sharing with clients and employees is easy.

 Increase Security of Your Business Data

Increase Security of Your Business Data

Digital documents are stored on secure off-site servers.

 Save Storange Space

Save Storange Space

Store regulatory records and documents virtually.

Signiflow Plan Overview

Look at different editions below and read more about the product to see which one is right for you.

Personal Business Large Business
(add-on options)
Single User 1 — 200 Users Business Cloud
(Software as a Service)
200 Document Storage 200 Document Storage Hosted Hybrid
(Software as a Service)
Unlimited Workflows Unlimited Workflows Self-Hosted Hybrid
Electronic Signature Electronic Signature Unique Company Branding Options
Digital Signature Digital Signature Unique Email Branding Options
Group Signing Group Signing Multi or Single-Tenant
Viewers and Approvers Viewers and Approvers AD/LDAP Integration
Multiple Signatories Multiple Signatories SSO and Multi-Factor Authentication
Timestamp Timestamp Custom API Options
Nominate a Proxy Nominate a Proxy Custom Event Handlers Options
Face-To-Face Signing Face-To-Face Signing Custom High-Availability
Mobile Friendly Mobile Friendly Custom Security
Auto Expire Workflows Auto Expire Workflows Open-Enterprise Licensing Available
Auto Reminders Auto Reminders 24/7 Ticket & Phone Support
In-app Notifications In-app Notifications Premium and Custom SLA
Real-Time Audit Trail Real-Time Audit Trail Dedicated Account Management
Signing Order Signing Order
Multi-Language Multi-Language
Company Stamp Company Stamp
Signer Attachments Signer Attachments
Download Signed Copy Download Signed Copy
Forms Designer Forms Designer
Form Form
Audit Report Audit Report
Portfolios Portfolios
In-System Reporting In-System Reporting
SharePoint Connector SharePoint Connector
Microsoft® Office Connector Microsoft® Office Connector
24/7 Ticket Support 24/7 Ticket Support
- Business Profile
- Administrator Portal
- Email Branding
- User-Grouping
- Template Sharing
- Supports AATL Certificates
- Supports 2FA and MFA

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